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Johnny Damon: A Champion

Posted on: January 2, 2010 7:21 am

What can I say about Johnny Damon in pinstripes? This guy was everything the Yankees asked for and some back in 2005, when they signed him. Last year, Johnny Damon did what any player has wanted to do on a team, and that's to win a World Series. Although that alone can mark himself a successful Yankee including the fact that he stole third, on the infamous decision by Brad Lidge in the 2009 World Series, there's more to Damon's career as a bomber before 2009. That's why it's sad to see Johnny go only because of the Scott Boras greed. Yes I know that Johnny Damon's 4 year $52 million dollar contract was a joke considering that he didn't play center for all those years like the Yankees asked for, but its not our money so who are we to judge? The Yankees may have asked for a full-time center fielder the next four years when they signed Damon in 2005, but they got more from him and in another way. In 2007, Yankees fans saw Damon moved to left field, but he didn't complain and is that a bad thing? No, he wanted to help the team and a player that is a team player rather than a guy like Manny Ramirez who really plays to impress others about his name, show that Damon is one to care for the game of baseball himself. During his time in New York, Damon never hit less than 12 home runs, stayed well over 500 at-bats per year, and had no less than 144 hits in any time wearing the pinstripes. Making the 15 day DL once, proves that he's versatile enough to stay on the field healthy as Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright were not able to do as Yankees, and that's clearly the kind of guy the Yankees asked for. In 2008, Damon crashed into the left field wall during a game against the Boston Red Sox. He preserved the win by staying in the July 4th Yankee game, getting on base twice in which he ended up scoring once to preserve the Yankee 2-1 victory. Let's also not forget that after the game, Damon was quick to reporters saying that he did not want to land on the DL and would rehab as quick as possible to stay on a struggling 2008 Yankee team. That takes a lot of guts to do considering that Girardi was already under fire at the time, with some Yankee fans angry at the Yankee front office for leaving Joe Torre out there to dry. But Damon wanted to help his manager by performing for him, which brings me to another point, Johnny Damon played no less than 141 games. Damon wanted to win a championship which was clear to others, but what people don't understand sometimes is that you have to be out there to feel that championship vibe, and thats what Johnny Damon felt in the '09 campaign. Now I've never played for the Yankees but I know that if I played on a team that won a championship rather than being sidelined, I would feel that piece of the victory in my mindset. We all must realize that the Yankees sign all these players to win a championship right? So wouldn't that make a Johnny Damon a successful Yankee? Yes, because in times of struggle (2008), Johnny Damon was there and in 2009, when they won it all, Johnny Damon was there. A champion is one to stick to his wits in times of struggle and triumph at the end, so couldn't we all agree that Johnny Damon is a champion? Let's hope that Damon sticks with the Yankees and if not, lets all hope that he finds a good team out there and thank Johnny Damon, Yankees fans, for going through extreme measures in a World Champion, Yankee Uniform! What a great way to go out.


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